uitnodiging 2 oktober 2017Learning from the Past

- Seminar in the Netherlands -

Relevance and enrichments

of Dachau educational programs

2 October 2017

This seminar focuses on the relevance of the various educational opportunities at the memorial site Dachau
(Germany) for Dutch teachers and students. Members of the Dutch Dachau Committee and educators of the
Max Mannheimer Study Center will explain how a visit to the memorial site and these educational programs can
enrich Dutch education about the Second World War and how teachers and students can use these methods to
discuss current social problems regarding racism and discrimination. Moreover, the Dutch Dachau Committee
will provide practical information about the conditions for (financial) support for Dutch schools to participate in
the educational programs of the Max Mannheimer Study Center. Furthermore, we invite teachers and students
to share their experiences on the extent to which it was an enrichment for them to learn about
National-Socialism on the memorial site Dachau or other Dutch memorial sites.

Time: 14.00-16.00 hrs
Location: Memorial Site Amersfoort
Address: Loes van Overeemlaan 19, 3832 RZ Leusden
Organisers: Dutch Dachau Committee
Funded by: Dutch Dachau Committee, International Dachau Committee,
Max Mannheimer Study Center, Memorial Site Amersfoort

To participate, please contact us here for information and registration.

The seminar is in English