Invitation of Sabine Gerhardus;
"For the support circle of the Dachau Remembrance Book project, I invite you on the
occasion of the 80th Anniversary of the establishment of Dachau concentration camp,
cordially to visit the presentation of the new memory pages.
"One suppressed it, one suppressed it all. I thought; the young people will never understand it anyway"
For the memory-book the former resistance fighter Willemijn Petrof - van Gurp (94) has allowed students Jop Bruin and Jelle Braaksma
an interview. Hedy Esters and Thomas Schlichenmayer of the History Workshop in Dachau present the Biography of Wolfgang Heilmann. Who was Director of a pulp and paper factory in Hebertshausen near Dachau. And as a member of the Bavarian People's Party (BVP) was arrested when they where forced to dissolve.
Pupils of Franz Marc Gymnasium Markt Schwaben present articles about the former Jewish rabbi and teacher Dr. Ernst Ehrentreu, the homosexuals persecuted Ernst Schüssler and other ...

Jan de Vaal and Willemijn Petroff - van Gurp - both were in the Dutch
Active resistance - as well . Members of the International Dachau Committee and
the director of the memorial site are expected to be guests of honor!
Please register in advance!
Sabine Gerhardus
project Manager"


Carmel Church in Holy Blood at the Dachau Concentration Camp,
Old Römerstr. 91, 85221 Dachau.


Names Instead of Numbers

Since March 2008, 22 biographies of former prisoners of the Dachau concentration camp in the international traveling exhibition "NAME INSTEAD OF NUMBERS" can be seen. The exhibition opens at Dachau and from there it moves into six languages through seven European countries: Netherlands, France, Poland, Austria, Germany, Great Britain and Ukraine. More information on this site

CID supports this initiative.