The Dachau International Committee study prize awarded for the first time

Death marches and memories in rural areas

The Dachau International Committee‘s study prize awarded for the first time.


For his dissertation "Violence and Memory in Rural Areas: The German  Population and the death marches Martin Clemens Winter, a historian from Leipzig, will be awarded the study prize of the Dachau International Committee. The award ceremony will take place on Saturday, March 17, at 17:00 in the auditorium of the National Socialist Documentation Center, Max-Mannheimer-Platz 1 in Munich.

Winter is the first winner of the study prizes created in 2017 in the memory of the Victims of the National Socialist concentration and extermination camps, especially the Dachau concentration camp and sponsored for the carrying of outstanding research on the National Socialist persecution politic and recognize their value.

The price, in the total value of 6000E, is awarded every two years and may be shared by more then one winner. The selection will be made by an international jury chaired by Sybille Steinbacher, the director of the Frankfurt Fritz Bauer Institute. The dissertation by Martin Clemens Winter, which was accepted at the University of Leipzig in 2016 analyzes the structure of the events of the confrontation of the rural area with the Death marches, but also the prosecution and the memorial cultural impact of the events after the war. The jury was impressed by the results of the work, characterized by a smart analyses, a sovereign handling of current methodological approaches and a clear, understandable style.

The laudation at the award ceremony will be held by jury member Jürgen Zarusky from the Institute for Contemporary History Munich-Berlin. The laureate will present some of the key points of his study. The event is public and interested persons are cordially invited. Admission is free.



Program of the meeting

Dachau International Committee Study Prize Award Ceremony

to Mr. Martin Clemens Winter for his thesis

"Violence and memory in rural areas: The German population and the death marches

Saturday, March 17, 2018 at 5 pm in the documentation center-NS of Munich


Welcome speech

Professor Dr. Winfried Nerdinger

Jean-Michel Thomas, President of the International Dachau Committee

Prize Award

Introduction: Prof. Dr. med. Sybille Steinbacher, president of the jury

Laudatio: Dr. Jürgen Zarusky

Speech of gratitude and short presentation by the laureate Dr. des. Martin Clemens Winter

Reception in the foyer