Invitation for the special exhibition: Names Instead of Numbers

NamenStattNummernSonderausstellungCFrom 1941 to 1945 more than two thousand prisoners from the Netherlands were imprisoned in the Dachau concentration camp  . Like all the other inmates on arrival, they received a number. Their names did not matter anymore. Through personal stories and authentic objects the exhibition shows, the secret survival strategies invented by the prisoners: Jaap van Mesdag made music, Pim Reijntjes carved a chessboard in the lid of a wooden box, the sculptor Frits van Hall made small reliefs, Lies Bueninck- Hendrikse exhibited jewelry from stolen materials and Willemijn Petroff-van Gurp made a song and psalm book of waste paper.

The exhibition was prepared by the Resistance Museum Amsterdam. For the presentation in the Concentration Camp Memorial Dachau the Dutch and English texts are supplemented with German texts.



Friday, April 27, 2018, 15 clock

in the special exhibition room of the Dachau Concentration Camp Memorial Site.


Dr. Gabriele Hammermann

Head of the Dachau concentration camp memorial


Peter Vermeij

General Consul of the Netherlands


Representative of the city of Munich


Jos Sinnema

History memory book project and exhibition "Names instead of numbers"

Liesbeth van der Horst

Head of the Resistance Museum Amsterdam

Sydney Weith




Followed by guided tours of the exhibition

Karen Tessel Curator of the exhibition "Political Prisoners from the Netherlands in the Dachau Concentration Camp"

Dr. des. Jascha März scientific trainee at the Dachau Concentration Camp Memorial Site