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Jean Michel discours

Speech by General, Jean-Michel Thomas


President of the International Dachau Committee

1 May 2016

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Remembrance April 29

Remembrance 2016   The Images..

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General André Delpech Award for Albert Knoll for his work at the KZ gedenkstatte .

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Program of the 71th Anniversary of the Liberation of the Dachau Concentration Camp

Prisoner barracks dachau publicdomain sydneyBlauw ws small


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Jean Michel thomas20160114 125704Introducing Jean-Michel Thomas


For a few months Jean-Michel Thomas replaced Pieter Dietz de Loos as chairman of the international Dachau Commitee (CID) .

Time to ask Jean-Michel Thomas to introduce himself bij answering some questions .


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70th anniversary of Liberation Day
Speech of  CID President Pieter Dietz de Loos

 "We have to stay vigilant in the face of misinformation! We must never forget, that Dachau was a camp for the political resistance. First, German political prisoners and members of the resistance were detained, tortured and killed. Then came political opponents from all over Europe. Three quarters of the prisoners were members of the resistance, political deportees."



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rede merke 3mailIMG 9784

Speech by German Federal Chancellor Merkel

At the commemorative ceremony for the 70th
anniversary of the liberation of the
Dachau concentration camp on 3 May 2015



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Dachau images 2015

 Images of this years celebration 


70th anniversary of Liberation Day


TV broadcast 

maxbijcrematoriumGreetings by Max Mannheimer

 "We live amidst breath-taking progress in the sciences and technology,
and in worldwide connectedness. But at the same time,
have we learned anything about what it means to be human?"

Commemoration in front of the former cremation building

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jean samuelWords of Jean Samuel

" I was 21 years old and decided to forget Dachau.
I wanted to live life. The war had stolen my youth.
In 1947, I married, had 2 children,
and since that time, it's been pure happiness."

Speech on behalf of the CID at the former roll-call grounds

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