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70th anniversary of the liberation  of Dachau

Important information about participation

on the third of Mai 2015.



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Joint Communiqué of the International Natzweiler-Struthof Committee (CIN) and the International Dachau Committee (CID) after the massacre of 12 people in PARIS on January 7: 

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stolen doorPress release:


The International Dachau Committee

learned with great shock and emotion of

the theft of the entrance gate.



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Attack at the Jewish Museum in Brussels

The International Dachau Committee and the International Committee of Natzweiler-Struthof have learned with horror of the attack at the Jewish Museum in Brussels and denounce the anti-Semitic character of this heinous act. They express their sincere sympathy to the families of the victims.


Mr. Pieter Dietz de Loos,
Sunday 4-th of May 2014
69th anniversary of the liberation of the Dachau concentration camp


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youthmeeting2009Annual Youth Meeting Dachau.

 "Remember - understand - designing the future."

About 100 young people from around the world meet at the 'International Youth Meeting Dachau'. 

from 26. Juli 2014 until 08. August 2014

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69th Anniversary of the liberation of the Dachau concentration camp

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On Sunday the 4th May 2014, a Service of Remembrance for the 69th Anniversary of the Liberation of the Dachau Concentration Camp will take place, at the invitation of the President of the Comité International de Dachau (CID) and with the support of the Bavarian Memorial Sites Foundation. 

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Awards for Barbara DistelBarbara-Distel

At its 19 October meeting in Amsterdam, the CID Board put Barbara Distel, who celebrated her 70th bithday in July 2013 in the spotlight. Her Birthday was celebrated by awarding her the General André-Delpech price.


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 5th May 2013 - Ceremony of Remembrance at Herbertshausen

"You don't need to be a student of Nazi crimes to recognise, oppose and condemn the same behaviour as such in our own times."

Speech by Ernst GRUBE
Vice-Chairman of the Dachau Camp Association

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Angela Merkel Dachau 1

German Chancellor Angela Merkel visits Dachau

"How did it come so far in Germany that people because of their ethnicity, religion, political beliefs or sexual orientation were deprived of their human dignity and the right to live, and the vast majority of Germans did not take action against it, or at least allowed it to happen?"

when visiting the Dachau Concentration Camp
on 20 August 2013.

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foto wikimedia  

Angela Merkel visits memorial site

Press release:


German Chancellor Angela Merkel visits the Dachau Concentration Camp at the invitation of Max Mannheimer .


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bernd sibler6313Speech given by Bernd Sibler, Secretary of State in the Bavarian State Ministry of Education and Cultural Affairs

"Even now, 68 years after the war, we must still make a stand together against all enemies of democracy and seek to nip any recidivism in the bud.In our society, there can be no place whatsoever for anti-Semitism, xenophobia or extremism. This is a message that needs to be drummed into our children."

At the remembrance ceremony for the 68th anniversary of the liberation of the Dachau concentration camp 5th May 2013 in Dachau.

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