92 Russian officers

The death of 92 Russian officers.

Russian Orthodox Chapel at the Dachau memorial ground

One of the crimes committed in the Dachau concentrationcamp was the execution of 92 Russian military officers in 1944.

Inmate Nico Rost secretly kept a diary about everyday life in the camp.

He wrote;


"15 November 1944


By Ron Kroon (ANEFO),
Wikimedia Commons
 A day of horror: Ninety-two dead.
 I sat beside the bed of Sep, my Austrian friend from the RöntgenKammer,
who suffered again from his stomach ailment, when a Czech from the
Schreibstube came in and whispered that the 92 Russian officers were
fetched out of the bunker and carried away fifteen minutes ago.
We understood immediately where: at the low ashore at the crematorium.
For there to be executed.We spoke not a word, sat silently waiting.
Sep opened the window. I only later understood why ....
The food-collectors went to collect the soup, sick were carried in and out,
new bandages applied, wounds cleaned There was screaming in pain,
discussion about the future and reading. Sep and I sat quietly waiting.
Then came the first shot. Instinctively we grabbed each other's hands.
Sep looked at his watch: 11.30. Again shots. And again. And again.
Again and again.
But the food-collectors came back with the soup and made a deafening noise.
"Good soup" - "Good soup”-We tried to count them," Thick Soup "
We bend out of the window: again shots, shots, shots.
At 12.05 for the last time– finally.
Sep then only said: ‘immer dran denken - nie vergessen’ 
( always think about it - never forget )
- A line from a song that Ernst Busch often sang.
He did not say it rhetorical, not even solemn, but very calm,
very determined, and expressed exactly what we thought."

Source Nico Rost, Goethe in Dachau.

The group of Soviet officers shot in the courtyard of the crematorium in 1944, belonged to a resistance group, who were admitted to Dachau from the Gestapo .