Carel Steensma - Happy Easter 1942

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The story of Carel Steensma

Dutch World War II pilot, Resistance member, prisoner of war in Holland and in the German concentration camps Natzweiler and Dachau.

In the eventful life of Carel C. Steensma (1912-2006), one of the most critical periods - the focus of this book - was the period shortly before, during and after World War II. He spends his carefree youth in the Dutch historic city of Franeker, his birthplace, then his course leads via Voorburg and Dordrecht to Canada. Carel wants to be a farmer, but instead his focus changes to aviation and aeroplanes. Back in Holland in 1933 he starts training to become a sports, military and commercial pilot.

In 1936 Carel begins his career in civil aviation as an employee of KLM Royal Dutch Airlines and he makes legendary flights from Amsterdam to the Dutch East Indies. In the May days of 1940 he serves as a fighter pilot in the Dutch Air Force. After a period of underground activities and resistance he decides to cross over to England with two friends in a small boat. During their escape on the night of September 1, 1941 they are shot and severely wounded. In the end they are captured at sea by the Kriegmarine (German Navy).

After being sentenced to death he is transported to German concentration -Camps, first to Natzweiler, high in the French mountains, then to Camp Dachau in Germany near Munich.

Carel barely survives the period of almost four years of unprecedented misery in German captivity. After his liberation from concentration camp Dachau he returns to his family in Holland, in May 1945 and succeeds in building an international career.     ISBN 978-90-821158-19