e Catalogue USB: The Dachau Concentration Camp

16,00 € each

e CATALOGUE USB: The Dachau concentration camp, 1933 to 1945

This credit card-sized e-catalogue with fold-out USB stick is designed like an e-book. Look up the table of contents and turn to the appropriate page, or browse through the product page by page. Every picture, every document, the entire exhibition of the memorial at a glance.

The e-catalogue contains the same material as the printed version with the CD-Rom. Unlike the book, the e-catalogue is even multilingual: German, English, French and Italian.

In 2003, a new exhibition was opened which reflects the latest historical research on the history of the Dachau Concentration Camp.

The E - Catalogue also contains four essays:

- Jürgen Zarusky: From Weimar to Dachau: The destruction of democracy and its consequences

- Stanislav Zámečník: The Dachau concentration camp in the system of the National Socialist dictatorship

- Barbara Distel: The Dachau concentration camp after liberation

- Wolfgang Benz: Places of Remembrance, Culture of Remembrance

The book " That was Dachau" by Stanislav Zámečník is the supplement to the E - Catalogue.