Burial at the Waldfriedhof of bodies found in Allach.

speechJM Thomas11 2017Tesar 1© Stiftung Bayerische Gedenkstätten/ etOn behalf of the Comité International de Dachau, I would like to thank all the people who contributed to this discovery and this ceremony.

Dear prisoners, our ceremony has great symbolic value and we all participate wholeheartedly in it.

We do not know your names, we do not know how old you were, we know nothing about your families or about your professions, we do not know your history, nor your language or your nationality or religion.

Were you Hungarian Jews from Romanian origin, were you Belgian, Spanish or Dutch resistance fighters, German political or homosexual prisoners, or Russian prisoners of war? We do not know it. It is therefore impossible for us to formulate a personal message.
In an attempt to portray your background I would like to mention what the French deportee Marcel Rivière wrote:
"The prisoners from Allach had tried in vain to help the newcomers in the camp on their last steps to a mattress. The SS prevented that from happening and rushed their dogs at them. Men were pushed over and did not get up again. Dead on the spot. Now the camp ran over with half-dead and corpses. There were dead bodies laying everywhere. On the roads in the camp, on the Appelplatz. Stacked on high heaps, from which arms and legs stuck out and from which faces appeared, distorted by the grimaces of the last suffering”.

These deads were buried in mass graves in the camp until the end of the war. Despite all that we do not know about you today, there is one important thing we do know: It is the wish from all of us here, more than 70 years after your death, to pay tribute to you in a united union and to honor you.

BestattungKZ Opfer15.12.2017Waldfriedhof Dachau IMGKlaus

( image; Klaus Schultz/Evangelische Versöhnungskirche in der KZ-Gedenkstätte)

First and foremost, we consider you as human beings, you, who were regarded in the camp of Allach as simple "Stücke". From now on you are our fathers, our brothers for we recognize you as part of our great family.
This identification has a name: respect for human dignity and the equality of rights.
This is a basic notion but not yet universally recognized.

General Jean-Michel THOMAS
President of the CID


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