Homosexual prisoners in the Dachau concentration camp

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Homosexual prisoners in the Dachau concentration camp 

On July 30 2017, the German Bundestag passed the "marriage for all" law, which finally abolished legal discrimination against same-sex couples. It marks the end of a history of discrimination and persecution that began in 1871....

Narration by Ferdinand Berger

FerdinantBergerNachDerBefreiungNarration by Ferdinand Berger (2917-2004) about the Dachau concentration camp

My admission was done in a typical way: first the pictures, then to the bathroom. Here too, I followed the advice - always in the middle. So I could observe that all who sat down on the photo armchair in front of me jumped right after the photo as if bitten by a tarantula.







The concentration camp prisoners with the purple triangle

winkelVioletThe Jehovah's Witnesses - concentration camp prisoners with the purple triangle

On April 20, 2017, the Supreme Court of Russia forbade the religious community of Jehovah's Witnesses which was classified as an "extremist organization". The headquarters in Saint Petersburg, as well as 395 regional associations, were dissolved, the assets confiscated. This piece of news provides us with the oportunity to remember the relentless persecution of this religious community by the National Socialists.

The family I could not have

edmunds familyThe family I could not have

Cornel Lustig describes his family history in

an emotional and personal way one does not forget soon.

The original Romanian version can be found here



IMG 8623Shooting Range Hebertshausen


In 2014, a memorial was made for
the 4000 Soviet prisoners of war
that were murdered here between 1941
and 1942.

A miraculous family reunion

Vladimir Feierabend 1940


A miraculous family reunion.

As time goes by, I often find myself recalling a critical moment in my life, especially if it is related to an important date. Thus it is with the anniversary of the date marking the end of World War II, which for my family meant gaining our freedom and returning home after spending three years in the concentration camps at Dachau and Ravensbrück.







TyphusDachauNaessDiary sheet of prisoner Jon Sølvberg 11 February 1945:

"Now we are almost in the middle of February and I'm still here in the tent. It's getting scary here in Dachau now. Typhus and typhoid fever is raging, it's a horror. Many Norwegians are dead, and more will probably die. We are now approximately 160 persons left here."

92 Russian officers

The death of 92 Russian officers.

Russian Orthodox Chapel at the Dachau memorial ground

One of the crimes committed in the Dachau concentrationcamp was the execution of 92 Russian military officers in 1944.

Inmate Nico Rost secretly kept a diary about everyday life in the camp.

He wrote;