TyphusDachauNaessDiary sheet of prisoner Jon Sølvberg 11 February 1945:

"Now we are almost in the middle of February and I'm still here in the tent. It's getting scary here in Dachau now. Typhus and typhoid fever is raging, it's a horror. Many Norwegians are dead, and more will probably die. We are now approximately 160 persons left here."

Image :Rudolf Næss

"The barracks on the east side are all barred plus Block 30.

There, they die like flies, up to 35 a day. Yes, it's almost unbelievable. Ullman also died. It was sad, I talked to him two days before when he was on his way to the Revier (infirmary) for a blowout of the ear. It has probably gone over to encephalitis. In the evening, he was clear and fine, the next day he was dead, it went fast. Yes, it goes fast with anyone. I wonder, how long will I manage to stay alive? I'm the fortunate, living here in the tent and get so little in touch with the others, but a single louse can be enough. Day after day they run, truck by truck with piles of corpses. There they lie, naked bodies, bodies are they not, but bones covered with leather, and arms, heads and legs hanging over the edges of the wagon. Mouth open, tongue hanging out and eyes staring out into the empty air, as they ask, why? Why exactly should I die? Why could I not live like the others? Who is so mighty that he can take away my right to live? Are not I a human being? No, buddy, you're not human, we are no human beings inside this wire. Prisoners are we, Häftlinge, without rights and demands, doomed to perish in our own filth, separated from humanity, work machines that can be used as long as is necessary - and afterwards? What do you do with the waste? Wake will be thrown on the rubbish heap with it. Things that have no value are nothing to collect! So, how long does it last until you yourself lie there on the wagon and gape into thin air? Sic transit gloria mundi "

Ullmann, Halfdan Andreas, Lecturer, Lieutenant Colonel, Trondheim, born 05.08.1883. Arrested 11.03.43, transferred Vollan, transferred Falstad, transferred Grini, transferred Natzweiler, f.nr. 20267, transferred Dachau, died 25.01.1945. He was the grandfather of actress Liv Ullmann