29 april 2020. Message of the Comité International de Dachau.

When they were released, prisoners from all countries wanted the world to know the incredible reality they had just lived in and did not forget it. From a clandestine group even before liberation, their representatives on the International Committee of Dachau (CID) set three objectives for this wish: the conservation of the site, the construction of an international monument and the opening of a museum. The road was difficult. 75 years later, thanks to a common commitment with the Free State of Bavaria, the survivors of the camp and their descendants at the CID can say with joy: "mission accomplished". But this success in the transmission of memory is fragile if it is not supported by all. The Dachau Memorial is part of the political culture of Europe. It must live, and be improved to defend history, this mirror that encourages reflection. It is everyone's responsibility. The mission therefore continues, with vigilance and determination for future generations.

General Jean-Michel Thomas, President