Annual Report for: The Norwegian Natzweiler and Dachau Committee 2018.

The aim of the Norwegian Natzweiler and Dachau Committee is to collect and convey information about former Norwegian political prisoners in Natzweiler, Dachau and its subcamps to the public and to the prisoners' families. At least two of its Board members must be offspring of former Norwegian political prisoners in Dachau and its subcamps.

The new Board of the Norwegian Natzweiler and Dachau Committee, elected September 2018 consists of:



Election period

Øystein Sørbye


2018 - 2020

Ole Odd Berge

Board Member

2018 - 2022

Preben Dietrichson

Cashier, CID representative

2016 - 2020

Karina Hellum

Board Member

2016 - 2020

Claes Reksten

Board Member, CIN representative

2018 – 2022

Sissel Egge

Board Member

2016 – 2020

Terje A. Pettersen

Deputy Board Member

2018 – 2020

Karluf Bøe Skogen

Deputy Board Member




We have earlier (1997-2016) published twelve books in the series about Norwegian NN-prisoners in Natzweiler and Dachau. A new book, “Natzweiler prisoner Tore Jacob Øglænd and other prisoner reports” (in Norwegian) has been in process to be published in 2019. (It was published March 2019, 200 pages)

Facebook page:

Its name is «Natzweilergruppen, Den norske Natzweiler og Dachaukomiteen». It is updated on a weekly basis and has at the moment 930 followers. It is also used to make links to the CID home page when there are news there, and for follow up of news that has been found there. In 2018 we produced 91 new published articles and links.

CID home page

Øystein Sørbye is the administrator of the Norwegian section on the CID home page. In 2018 we have published an article of Åge Skogen, «Experience of being an NN prisoner no 6687/ 99820/ 36148/ 80131»

Board meetings

The board has met to prepare for the CID assembly in 2018, and has prepared and organized the seminar and DNND General Assembly in Stavanger September 2018,

DNND General Assembly in Stavanger 15. september 2018 

Open seminar with

General Secretary Jan Egeland, The Norwegian Refugee Council: "The highest number of Refugees since Worl War Two. What has to be done?»
Trauma therapist Sissel Bru Reksten: Posttraumatic stress disorder. 110 participants

General Assembly: 40 participants:

Karluf Bøe Skogen and Kåre Skogen: NN prisoner Åge Sverdrup Skogen

Tore Andre Øglænd and Øystein Sørbye: NN-prisoner Tore Jacob Øglænd

Cooperation with other organizations and arrangements

26. April 2018: Meeting with the Norwegian Parliament Commitee to the Council of Europe in Strasbourg: Claes Reksten og Preben Dietrichson.

23. June 2018: CIN (Comité International de Natzweiler) General Assembly: Claes Reksten as CIN General Secretary and Preben Dietrichson as Board member and Øystein Sørbye as President of DNND.

2. July 2018: European meeting of prisoner organizations: Preben Dietrichson and Claes Reksten have participated as representatives for CID and CIN at an internasjonal meeting i Milano 2 juli 2018. ANED, the Italian prisoner organization invited all international comittees to make a network.

3. November 2018 in Berlin, invited by the Auschwitz organization: Preben Dietrichson.

Comite International Dachau: (CID)

We have given a CD copy to the CID webmaster with the Norwegian NN prisoner database that we hope the CID can host on its web site.

Participation at the CID General Assembly:

2018: Preben Dietrchson and Claes Reksten.

Correspondence with the Dachau Archive on behalf of our members for information on Norwegian prisoners.

Travels for Peace and White Busses to Auschwitz:

These organizations organize travels for schools to concentration camps in Europe. We have cooperated with the two organizations to that our members work as Second generation Time witnesses on their arrangements. Two Board members were active in 2018, Ole Odd Berge and Preben Dietrichson.

Travel projects 2019 and 2020

The Board is planning a visit to Natzweiler 12-16 September 2019 and to Dachau in april-may 2020.

Members of the board have been planning a school bus trip to the former concentration camps Sachsenhausen and Ravensbrück in September 2019, in order to evaluate if this can be part of our activity in the future.

Paying members















In addition we have a low number of non-paying members consisting of: former prisoners, widows of former prisoners and honorary members (former board members).

Øystein Sørbye

President of Den Norske Natzweiler og Dachaukomiteen (The Norwegian Natzweiler and Dachau Committee )