General Jean-Michel Thomas, President


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A word from the President of the CID on 29 April 2021 


It was with emotion that we shared this simple and poignant recollection, accompanying in thought the participation of Mrs Ilse Aigner, President of the Bavarian Parliament, accompanied by Mr Karl Freller, 1st Vice-President of the Bavarian Parliament and Director of the Bavarian Memorial Foundation, as well as Abba Naor, Vice-President of the International Dachau Committee, who has returned from Israel to continue his tireless testimonies to young people.
Health constraints cannot hinder the expression of this impulse, which is not virtual but very real, tangible, and which we all feel in the depths of our being. This feeling does not require a long speech. It is expressed through silence, respect and compassion for all the victims of the Dachau concentration camp.
We think in particular of those who left us before this 76th anniversary of the liberation of the camp, such as Vladimir Feirabend, an example of determination and courage, of gentleness and goodness, whose entire Czech family was persecuted for political reasons, because of their hostility and commitment against the Nazi regime.
The testimonies of those who suffered here are now passing from the register of memory to that of history. They are the main and vivid contribution of the memorial as well as of the forthcoming documentary film on the twelve years of the Dachau concentration camp.

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Speech by Jean-Michel Thomas President of the CID