immax8431softDear Max,

Allow me to offer my sincere condolences and the international salutations from all your friends in deported persons associations and their families, united in the International Dachau Committee, of which you were one of the two vice presidents, ever present and attentive to due recognition for all concentration camp victims.

We are fully aware of all we owe you, and salute your commitment to preserving the memory of Dachau within a number of organisations: the German Friends of Dachau group, the Max Mannheimer Studies Centre at the Dachau Youth House and, in particular, the International Dachau Committee (CID).

Along with my predecessors, you were notably one of those who brought together deportees to work against being forgotten. And we note that, the shared efforts of the Association of representatives of deportation and the institutions in Bavaria, in a specific legal context, are without a doubt a success. We are all extremely grateful to you for that.

In addition to you many and high quality activities, your artistic and literary talents, your knowledge of numerous foreign languages, and your unassailable sense of humour for overcoming problems, with always a joke at the ready, I will always remember you as someone upright, willing, open and unifying. I will never forget the trust you placed in me. It has special significance because my father, born in 1920 as you were, is a former member of the French Resistance who was deported to Dachau.

The great number and diversity of people who have come today to salute you one last time, of every nationality, every religion and every creed, speak worlds about your influence. This diversity represents that of the victims of Dachau, united in the suffering inflicted on them for political, religious and racial motives, and for their opposition to the Nazi regime.

You have shown us the way to continue building on this tie and to maintain the memory, through friendship and all-inclusiveness, alongside the officials of the Memorial and the Foundation.

Thank you for setting such a fine example, Max, and may you go with God. 

Jean-Michel thomas President of the International Dachau Committee






Dear All,

I was very sad to hear the news.
Max was very good friend of my grandfather and we had some really inetresting discussions together. He was open minded, sharp thinker and most of all he dedicated his life to the principle of CID - Never again. He was the kind of man that make this world better place. I remember 2 years ago when he was sitting beside angela Merkel during ceremony. But it was him that was the celebrity of the event.
My condolences to all CID memmbers and especially to his close ones.
It is a very sad day for all of us. He will be deeply missed.

Anže Šinkovec