Vladimir Feierabend 7-7-1924 - 13-9-2020


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biography of Vladimir written by Sylvie Graffard.

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Protectorate "Bohemia and Moravia", Terezin, Dachau - Feierabend's family.

Memories of Vladimir Feierabend

The protectorate Bohemen and Mahren was a grim time for our family. Uncle Lada became a member of the Czechoslovakian government as a minister of agriculture. Also, he had joined the underground against Nazism, a movement called “Political Headquarters”. At the beginning of the year 1940 he was warned by Prime Minister Gen. Elias that his involvement in this movement was revealed and his life was in danger.

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A miraculous family reunion.

As time goes by, I often find myself recalling a critical moment in my life, especially if it is related to an important date. Thus it is with the anniversary of the date marking the end of World War II, which for my family meant gaining our freedom and returning home after spending three years in the concentration camps at Dachau and Ravensbrück.

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Vladimir Feierabend 7-7-1924 - 13-9-2020