Henk Arendse

henk arendse1


It was crisis and my parents did not know 

that somewhere deep down in Germany on March 21,

1933, the Dachau concentration camp was opening its doors.


They married on September 26, 1934 and ran their own glue factory,

"Perfecta", later called "Bisonkit". Financially it was not a good time.

My father went on a bike from The Hague to the shoe factories in Brabant and explains how easy it is to paste soles instead of using nails and stitching. My mom does the accounting and is his secretary. They may at some point sell the business to Italians but with a fascist country you do not do business. (ironically, the factory was sold to Italian investors some years ago) So they sell it to someone in Goes, who has no understanding of chemistry but where has money. My father then is employed elswhere. On 21 December 1940 their first daughter Kitty was born.