Dear Attendees,

on behalf of the International Dachau Committee and the camp community Dachau I would like to warmly welcome you. I welcome Secretary of State George Eisenreich as representatives of the Bavarian State Government , the ladies and gentlemen of the diplomatic missions , the municipalities and the county, the religious communities , political parties and organizations , the comrades , especially the survivors from different countries.

max mannheimer 8431Every year around this time we remember the 29th.4.1945 as the unit of the Rainbow Division liberated the camp of the Nazi regime from oppression , hunger and death. We remember the 41500 murdered victims this inhumane system took. With us former Dachau prisoners relatives, friends and loyal companions of remembrance have come. To whom this anniversary has become as important as to us .

Even if such day is closely connected to the liberation in 1945, we can not ignore the present time and the situation of today's world. In my opinion then and now have always got something to do with each other .
Every day we see in the media, new images of horror from the various crises and War zones. No hot-spot is far enough away anymore that it could not touch us and cause fear and worry. These messages also influence our thinking and our actions. The dynamics of the powerful continue in our society. Politicians who make themselves the measure of all things, have lost awareness of reality. Such a loss is serious, since it is the lack of any responsibility.



4 mai dachau 8398
Is this our world - a liberated world?

What significance have human values ​​such as reliability, justice, humanity and liberty? Right-wing extremist violence is becoming wider spread in our society. Man, life itself is trampled, it is apparently no longer worth anything. And yet there are people who are committed, not showing their impotent rage in aggression, but in peaceful resistance. For this we can be thankful, even when we ourselves can not do anything. Because in all the political, financial and other global -contexts there are such people out there who, for the love of the truth for the sake of human beings and for the love of life, do not think about their own benefit and engage courageously for justice, we therefore have no reason to despair. Only in this attitude, traditions, cultures and religions can grow to a normal interaction.

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Dear Attendees, your coming here, your participation in this day of remembrance I take as a commitment that you want to stand up for a just and humane society.

For that I thank you.