maxbijcrematoriumGreetings by Max Mannheimer

 "We live amidst breath-taking progress in the sciences and technology,
and in worldwide connectedness. But at the same time,
have we learned anything about what it means to be human?"

Commemoration in front of the former cremation building

jean samuelWords of Jean Samuel

" I was 21 years old and decided to forget Dachau.
I wanted to live life. The war had stolen my youth.
In 1947, I married, had 2 children,
and since that time, it's been pure happiness."

Speech on behalf of the CID at the former roll-call grounds

vladimir 2013Words of Vladimir Feierabend

"On 1 July 1942, the Gestapo arrested all family members
of those who were fighting the Nazis abroad.
My brother, my father, my 81-year old grandfather,
my mother and I were imprisoned."


Speech on behalf of the CID at the former roll-call grounds

Commemoration of the dead, the first of May



Opening exhibition in the Dachau Memorial

1-st of May, 2015

Memorial of the Dachau concentration camp
Message of Pieter Dietz de Loos, President of the CID






70th anniversary of the liberation  of Dachau

Important information about participation

on the third of Mai 2015.



G Hammermann aThe Order of Merit of the Italian Republic awarded to Gabrielle Hammermann

Late October, the President of Italy Giorgio Napolitano awarded the Order of Merit to the director of the Dachau memorial.

stolen doorPress release:


The International Dachau Committee

learned with great shock and emotion of

the theft of the entrance gate.



KZ-Allach, the forgotten concentration camp near Dachau

Lager Allach 9From 1935 the Bayerische Motoren Werke AG established a new factory, targeting the arms industry, 10 kilometers north of Munich on the northern edge of the Allacher Forst under the name of BMW- Werk- Allach or BMW Flugmotorenbau GmbH. (Aircraft engines).

In 1943 BMW already made plans to bring part of the arms industry underground beside the existing production halls. This happened in connection to a bombardment on the establishment of BMW in Munich in the spring of 1943.


Mr. Pieter Dietz de Loos,
Sunday 4-th of May 2014
69th anniversary of the liberation of the Dachau concentration camp